Energy Healer Spotlight – Roxanne Perillo

Roxanne Perillo

Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master

I regularly do energy healing for my clients (both animal and human). But in the same way that the cobbler and their kids often go barefoot, energy healers are liable to neglect their own needs while tending to the needs of others.

I try to avoid this situation, so over time I’ve built a trusted network of healers, animal communicators, and psychic friends upon whom I depend.

I strive to be present  for my clients whenever possible, but I may not always be available, and I may not be the right person for your needs in every situation. So I’d like to share with you the people I depend upon when I need help.

Roxanne is one of the few people on my go-to list.

Tell me a little bit about how you became an energy healer.

The trees talked to me when I was very young. I heard them sharing their wisdom. I’ve always known the magic of fairies and ‘imaginary’ friends. My heart knows an intense love and connection with animals. As I entered adulthood, I buried that connection when my mind and ego overpowered my heart. Thankfully, my heart eventually prevailed.

In the late 1990’s, I experienced my first Reiki healing session. This was the beginning of my journey as a healer. I became certified and dabbled in the practice; working on myself, family and friends.

Water has always held special healing energy for me. One beautiful afternoon, while sitting by a river, the spiritual path, upon which I was about to embark, was revealed to me. I heard the word “Shaman,” and I began researching just what that meant.

I accepted “the call” and opened my heart. As if by magic, my teachers appeared and the training journey shifted into high gear. No more dabbling. I stepped fully onto the spiritual path. The Shamanic world widened the gap between my career in the corporate world. Twelve years ago, I stepped fully into my purpose, and Spirit of the Owl Healing Arts was born. My business name honors the Owl, my guide and teacher.

What advice can you give our readers about staying sane and balanced in today’s crazy world?

One, understand and know you have the grace and strength to rise above all chaos. We, being human, tend to get trapped in the negative, heavy energy at times. It’s important that we pull ourselves off the path to “crazy town” the moment we realize we’re going in the wrong direction.

The best way to stay balanced is through breath, connection with nature and remembering that everything, every season, every challenge, every everything, is sacred.

BREATHE – really breathe, follow your breath in and out, notice your rhythm, the change in temperature on your inhale and exhale; connect with your lungs and the air element. Doing so brings you to the present. Next, look for the sacred in nature – the rustle of the leaves, the flowers in bloom, the waves in the water, the gentle breeze, the grass (or snow) beneath your feet and remember you are not separated from, but One with all of nature, with all above and all below.

Please tell us about the type of energy healing you practice. (Where does it originate? How does it work?)

I practice shamanic energy healing as well as Reiki.

Reiki is both a word and a healing technique.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key), the word, is written with two Japanese kanji whose essence means ‘soul energy’. The most accepted definition in the West is ‘Universal (Rei) Life Force Energy (Ki).

Reiki is also a system; a Japanese technique that promotes healing, balance, relaxation and stress reduction. This system was developed in the 1800’s by Mikao Usui in Japan. Reiki is based on the understanding that all living things have a life force that flows around and through them.

Reiki is simple and powerful, works on an energetic level to clear and balance our energy field while opening pathways for healing.

Shamanic healing has been known and practiced for thousands of years in cultures all over the world. It too is based on the belief that our energy field gathers debris from all life’s events, emotions, beliefs, traumas and karma. Left unhealed these issues manifest as disease in our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

During a session, we alter our consciousness to a level that allows a shift in awareness and a close connection with spirit and guides. These guides help us explore, find, bring to light those wounds and traumas keeping us from living our fullest life.

Much of my work deals with soul loss (loss or disassociation of part of our essence).

Soul loss is spiritual illness caused by trauma – at the time of trauma we are emotionally unable to deal with the pain and an essence of our being flees. We work together to heal the wound and restore that essence.

My role is not to heal you but empower and guide you to heal yourself.

How did you learn the energy healing modality you use?

When the student is ready the teacher truly does appear. I began my shamanic training in 2009. While my practice is primarily based on the Peruvian tradition, I’ve studied with teachers from other traditions and experiences. My website has a list of my teachers with links to their websites if you are interested in learning about them.  We are never finished learning. I look forward to meeting my next teacher!

How do you conserve and protect your own energy?

I try to be aware of the energy I carry and the energy around me at all times. When I feel myself slipping, I get outside. I step on Pachamama and connect deeply with her.

I go to the water (physically or spiritually) as the movement of the water reminds me to remain fluid, to move gently with the flow of life even during turmoil. And ceremony…ceremony plays an important part in my way of life: despacho and fire ceremonies, ceremonies with cacao, sometimes the ceremony of sitting on the swing listening to the birds and feeling the breeze on my skin and the warmth of the sun on my face.

I also honor my home and land by clearing with sage and blessing with sweetgrass. Every morning I offer a bit of my coffee to Pachamama in gratitude for all she provides; and my gratitude extends to the sun, wind, and water, my guides and angels, the Apukuna (mountain spirits) and the Divine.

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