Energy Healing for a Lion

Energy healing causes subtle but often miraculous shifts in consciousness and energy patterns. Whether I’m working with animals or humans in person, I notice signs of a shift in physical markers such as stomach gurgling, spontaneous coughs or sneezes or yawns. Sometimes, especially when I’m doing remote sessions, I’m the one who ends up yawning, even to the point that my eyes start watering and my nose gets stuffy. During this in-person energy healing session, the lion I was working with yawned. When I saw this image, taken by my friend and fellow animal communicator Therese Clinton, I was struck by the size of the lion’s open mouth. He could have easily crushed my head in one bite. But I would’ve felt perfectly comfortable walking into his enclosure (if it had been allowed). But there are plenty of small dogs or feral housecats or parrots I’d hesitate to approach. One of the cool things about being an animal communicator is that I can ask: “Would you hurt me?” and then decide whether or how to proceed with making contact in a way that is safe for me and for the animal I’m working with.

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