Hear What the Animals Have to Say About Valentine’s Day!

Jed says all dogs need toys on
Valentine’s Day!

and Pearl agrees!

(even though Pearl has no idea what Valentine’s Day is.)

Although really… to be honest…

Jed doesn’t know what Valentine’s Day is either.

Jed does know that toys are necessary for puppies, because puppies need to chew on things, and toys are safer than twigs and acorns, which were the only things Jed had to chew on when he was a puppy.

He also knows that puppies learn to play and to share and to defer to the bigger dogs when playing with toys.

Jed used to tear up all toys in less than five minutes. But when Pearl arrived, I had a telepathic talk with Jed, and I explained to him the importance of not tearing up the puppy’s toys. He wasn’t happy about it at first, but after our conversation, he stopped destroying toys, and now he has learned that it can be fun playing with the puppy’s toys – and with the puppy too!

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