The Lost Princess

If you’ve read Hear Them Speak, my how-to book about animal communication, you probably remember that the difficulty in working with your own animals is that you may be too close emotionally to be completely open to any information that comes through.  That problem is multiplied exponentially in an emergency. In freak-out situations, even experts at animal communication need to ask for help.

Lucky for me, I have many friends who are expert animal communicators. When my daughter’s (bad-terrible-headstrong) little Dachshund puppy went missing at 4:30 one afternoon during a string of freezing-cold days, I was low-key freaking out because I knew that overnight, the temperature would be in the high 20’s. This nine-pound princess whose feet hadn’t touched the ground until she was more than a year old wasn’t wearing a collar or a sweater, we were an hour away from nighttime, and she was GONE. We called and called and called. She didn’t come.

When I stopped hyperventilating, I sat for a few minutes and tried to connect in with my daughter’s lost dog—my precious bad Granddog, Juniper. I quickly realized that I was too worried to get a clear signal. I called on my friend Gabrielle. She has taken animal communication classes from me here at Dragonfly Pond Farm, so she was familiar with the landscape. When she connected in with Juniper, she was immediately able to describe not-only where Juniper was, but the path she had taken and the direction she was heading.

Thinking of the swampy woodland area and all its dangers—hawks, coyotes, bobcats, foxes, owls—I sent my husband to look in the direction Gabrielle described, then got in my car and drove to the neighbor’s house to let them know that we were going to be traipsing through their ten-acre property.

My husband found Juniper exactly where Gabrielle said she would be. She had been in real danger of being lost and gone forever, snapped up by a predator in the dark of night never to be seen again, but because of Gabrielle’s talent at animal communication, Juniper was found less than an hour after she disappeared.

You can learn more about Gabrielle by visiting her website, She is offering half-price sessions to the first five newsletter subscribers who contact her.

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