Butternut Squash Soup

  This delicious soup is perfect on a chilly fall day. It's also gluten free and Whole 30 approved, so you can enjoy it without any guilt! Although if you want to give it a little more pop (and don't … Read More

Honey Glazed Carrots

What I’ve learned about food allergies (and the story behind this recipe): About a year ago, I went to a doctor who figured out the root cause behind a plethora of chronic, longstanding, and bewildering physical problems that I have … Read More

Cherry Tomato Salad

  One of the best things about summer are fresh tomatoes, especially when they come straight out of your garden and are bursting with flavor. This cherry tomato salad is fresh, light and the perfect dish on a hot summer … Read More

Stoplight Veggie Salad

  A colorful and tasty salad that is quick and easy to make and perfect for sharing with friends! The 3 different bell pepper colors are what give this salad its name.Photo Credit: Jennifer Causey

Butter Pecan Cookies

  If you are a lover of butterscotch, then I have the perfect recipe for you. These cookies are soft, chewy and the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee!

Blank Canvas Chicken Salad

I’m famous for my chicken salad. My sister is famous for her chickensalad. My niece is famous for her chicken salad (she even does fundraisers forher local school and animal shelter by selling it by the pound). I daresay thatthe … Read More

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Babette de Jongh