Celia’s Keto Taco Soup

Celia brought this divine soup to an animal communication class. It’s rich and yummy! I’ve made it several times since. Unable to leave a good thing alone, I’ve added some of my own touches to the recipe. (My additions are … Read More

Shelley’s Summer Salsa

I’m so grateful to have neighbors that I can also count on as friends! Especially Shelly, whose amazingly delicious recipes still aren’t nearly as amazing as she is! Shelley’s Summer Salsa is great for chip-dipping, but I love to add … Read More

Aunt Sister’s Weekend Soup

We didn’t grow up poor, but we couldn’t afford to waste food, either. And let’s face it: leftovers aren’t everyone’s favorite menu choice. I can promise you that when you make this recipe, it won’t be as fabulous as my … Read More

Turtleback Cookies

This is a familiar recipe to anyone who lives in the small Alabama town where I grew up. Our local family-owned bakery was famous for all its cookies—you could smell the sugary aroma a block away, and it was so … Read More

Easy Shepherd’s Pie

My daughter Tessa has been stressed out at work and wanted comfort food. I believe in shopping the edges of the supermarket and buying the purest form of food available. Here’s what you’ll need to bake the Shepherd’s Pie I … Read More

Blueberry Dump Cake

My Aunt Alice was a tiny,bird-like woman who could really cook. Her husband, Uncle Richard (Daddy’s brother) was a big bear of a man who could draw any sort of cartoon animal in under five seconds. They retired to Sopchoppy … Read More

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