I live on a backwoods hobby farm near the Gulf Coast with my husband, double-digit numbers of assorted animals, and whichever of our three kids happen to be here with their assorted animals.

Writing is my thing. It’s what gives me energy and hope and enthusiasm. It keeps my brain percolating, percolating, percolating. It’s my thing, but it isn’t my only thing. I love to learn new stuff, and whatever I learn usually makes it into a book or two.

My life experience informs my writing, and my interests are varied. I’ve taught ballet, yoga, art, and elementary school. I can read your palm or your tarot cards. I paint and make pottery and sculpt and melt glass in my basement art studio.

I’m also a professional telepathic animal communicator, counselor, and healer. I offer my clients (animal and human) a variety of healing modalities, including Body Talk, Matrix Energetics, and Reiki. For more information on energy healing and animal communication, please visit my other website, Hear Them Speak, at www.HearThemSpeak.com.

For more information on my writing, you’re in the right place! Welcome, thanks for coming, feel free to noodle around a while. Visit me on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, too.